Best Laser Level in Australia For Trades and DIY

By Tom Summerfield | Updated 7 November 2023

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Whether you're a tradie or DIYer, when tackling construction projects or home renovations, a top-notch laser level is essential for precision and accuracy. With countless options out there, finding the perfect fit can be daunting. That's why in this post we've done the groundwork and handpicked the best laser levels in Australia. We'll delve into these gems, giving you the inside scoop and guiding you towards the ideal laser level for your toolbox.

Best for most

The Bosch Laser Level is our top pick as it's a versatile, user-friendly laser level perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. It offers precise alignment with its self-leveling cross-line laser, included tripod, and impressive 10-meter range. 


Tradie pick

The Bosch AdvancedLevel 360 takes one step further making it the better choice for tradies. It's a premium laser level featuring 360-degree leveling, a high-quality tripod, and an impressive 24-meter range, this tool tackles any project with ease. 

Budget option

The Firecore is an affordable, dependable laser level perfect for various tasks. With a 20-meter range and ±3 mm/m accuracy, it delivers professional results. Though lacking a tripod and using batteries, it's a cost-effective choice for budget-conscious users.

Laser level kit

The DeWalt is another top choice for tradespeople and DIYers. Featuring green beam technology for enhanced visibility, self-leveling accuracy, and multi-line functionality, it outshines competitors with a 30-meter range and precise leveling in various applications.

How We Decided

To choose the best laser levels in Australia, we considered factors such as accuracy, ease of use, durability, and value for money. We also took into account customer reviews and redditor opinions and ratings to ensure that our recommendations meet the expectations of both tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts. From this information, we then made this list of recommended options to consider. 

Best Laser Level Australia: Top 4

Best for most

What we like 

Good price and well made

Tri-pod included


Range: Electronic

Accuracy: Wood and metal 

Power: Battery powered


The Bosch Quigo stands out as an adaptable and easy-to-use laser level that caters to the needs of a wide variety of users, from DIY enthusiasts to professionals. Featuring a self-leveling cross-line laser, the Quigo is designed to handle an array of tasks with precision, making it the ideal tool for activities such as hanging pictures, mounting shelves, laying tiles, and more.

One of the key advantages of the Bosch Quigo is the inclusion of a sturdy tripod, which simplifies the process of positioning the laser level at the optimal height for any task. This user-friendly feature not only ensures precise alignment but also saves time and effort, contributing to a smoother workflow.

In terms of performance, the Bosch Quigo offers a respectable working range of up to 10 meters, making it suitable for tackling projects of various sizes. With an accuracy of ±0.8 mm/m, the Quigo guarantees reliable leveling and alignment across a broad range of applications, allowing users to achieve professional results with ease.

Adding to its appeal, the Bosch Quigo comes with a 2-year warranty, reflecting the manufacturer's confidence in the quality and durability of the product. This warranty provides users with additional peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected against potential defects or issues.

In summary, the Bosch Quigo is a versatile and user-friendly laser level that is well-suited for a wide range of users and applications. With its self-leveling cross-line laser, included tripod, impressive performance, and reassuring warranty, the Quigo is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient leveling tool to add to their collection.

Tradie pick

What we like 

360-degree horizontal and vertical leveling Tripod for stability and height adjustment


Range: 24m

Accuracy: ± 0.4 mm/m

Power: Battery powered

The Bosch AdvancedLevel 360 Set stands out as a top-notch choice for tradespeople in search of a dependable and precise laser level. Boasting a self-leveling cross-line laser with 360-degree horizontal and vertical leveling capabilities, this versatile tool is well-suited for an extensive array of applications, from framing and plumbing to laying out electrical installations and more.

One of the highlights of the Bosch AdvancedLevel 360 Set is the inclusion of a high-quality tripod, which not only imparts extra stability during use but also allows for effortless height adjustments. This feature ensures that the laser level is adaptable to a variety of job site conditions and requirements, making it an indispensable addition to any tradesperson's toolbox.

Designed to perform, the Bosch AdvancedLevel 360 Set offers an impressive working range of up to 24 meters, ensuring that it can tackle even large-scale projects with ease. With a remarkable accuracy of ±0.4 mm/m, this laser level guarantees precise leveling and alignment across the board, contributing to a professional finish on every project.

Moreover, the Bosch AdvancedLevel 360 Set is bundled with a durable protective case, providing an added layer of security for the laser level during transport and storage. This not only helps to extend the life of the tool but also offers peace of mind for the user. To further sweeten the deal, Bosch offers a generous 3-year warranty on the AdvancedLevel 360 Set, showcasing their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

In summary, an outstanding investment for tradespeople seeking a reliable, accurate, and adaptable laser level that can handle a diverse range of applications with ease. With its user-friendly features, impressive performance, and comprehensive warranty, it's a valuable addition to any professional's toolkit.

Budget option

What we like 


Self-leveling mechanism


Range: 20m

Accuracy: ± 3mm at 10m

Power: Rechargeable battery

For those seeking an affordable yet dependable laser level without compromising on performance, the Firecore Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser presents itself as an excellent choice. This budget-friendly option is equipped with a self-leveling mechanism that guarantees accurate leveling and alignment, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks, from hanging pictures to installing cabinets and more.

The Firecore laser level offers a respectable working range of up to 20 meters, which, while not as extensive as some of the more expensive models reviewed in this blog, is still sufficient for many applications. With an accuracy of ±3 mm/m, this laser level provides reliable results for various projects, ensuring that the end result is both professional and precise.

One aspect where the Firecore laser level may not quite match up to its pricier counterparts, such as the Bosch AdvancedLevel 360 Set or the DeWalt Li-Ion Self-Levelling Green Multi Line Laser, is in its mounting options. While the Firecore model includes a magnetic bracket for easy mounting, it does not come with a tripod for height adjustments. However, this may not be a significant drawback for users who do not require frequent height adjustments or can make use of alternative mounting solutions.

Another point to consider is that the Firecore laser level is battery-powered, which adds to its convenience but may require users to replace batteries more frequently than with rechargeable options like the DeWalt model. Nevertheless, for those who prioritize affordability and are willing to compromise on certain features, the Firecore Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser remains a reliable and cost-effective choice.

Laser level kit

What we like 

Self-leveling and multi-line functionality Long working range and good accuracy Rechargeable lithium-ion battery


Range: 30m

Accuracy: ±3 mm/m

Power: Battery powered

The DeWalt Li-Ion Self-Levelling Green Multi Line Laser stands out as a high-quality option for both tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts, offering advanced features and impressive performance that set it apart from other products reviewed in this blog.

One notable aspect of this laser level is its green beam technology, which provides a beam that is up to four times brighter than traditional red beams. This enhanced visibility makes it significantly easier to see in bright lighting conditions, ensuring that users can work efficiently and accurately even in challenging environments. In comparison to the Bosch Quigo and Firecore models, which utilize red beams, the DeWalt laser level offers a distinct advantage in terms of visibility.

The self-leveling mechanism of the DeWalt laser level guarantees accuracy, making it a reliable choice for precise leveling and alignment tasks. Furthermore, its multi-line functionality allows for simultaneous horizontal and vertical leveling, providing increased versatility when compared to cross-line lasers like the Bosch Quigo and Firecore models. This additional functionality makes the DeWalt laser level well-suited for more complex leveling tasks and a broader range of applications.

With a working range of up to 30 meters, the DeWalt Li-Ion Self-Levelling Green Multi Line Laser offers a more extensive range than both the Bosch Quigo and Firecore models, making it ideal for larger projects. Its accuracy of ±3 mm/m ensures that users can rely on its precision for various applications, from hanging drywall to installing cabinetry and more.

Laser Level Buying Guide

When selecting the ideal laser level for your needs, it's crucial to consider several factors that can significantly impact the tool's performance and suitability for your specific requirements. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you can ensure that you invest in a laser level that provides the precision, ease of use, and durability needed for your projects.


Accuracy is a paramount consideration when choosing a laser level, as it is critical for precise leveling and alignment. To achieve professional results, opt for laser levels that boast an accuracy of ±3 mm/m or better. This level of precision will guarantee that your work is consistently accurate and aligned, regardless of the specific application.


Range is another essential factor to keep in mind, as your requirements may dictate the need for a laser level with an extended working range. Take the time to assess the range of each laser level and select one that aligns with your particular needs. A longer working range will prove beneficial for larger projects or tasks that necessitate a more comprehensive coverage area.

Self-leveling vs manual laser levels

The choice between self-leveling and manual laser levels can also significantly impact your experience with the tool. Self-leveling laser levels automatically level themselves, ensuring both accuracy and ease of use. In contrast, manual laser levels necessitate user adjustments, which can be more time-consuming and potentially less accurate. Depending on your level of experience and the types of projects you undertake, a self-leveling laser level may be the more convenient option.


Durability is an important aspect to consider, as you'll want a laser level made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of construction work or home improvement projects. A durable laser level will offer longevity and reliability, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time and provides consistent performance throughout its lifespan.

Additional Features

Finally, don't overlook the additional features that some laser levels offer. Accessories such as tripods, magnetic brackets, or locking mechanisms can enhance the tool's convenience and functionality, making your work more efficient and enjoyable when doing a trade or evening painting. By taking these extra features into account, you can select a laser level that not only meets your basic requirements but also provides added value through its versatility and user-friendly design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions people ask when looking to buy a stud finder. If you have a specific question you need answered please contact us and we'll add it to the list.  

How do I calibrate my laser level?

Some laser levels come with a calibration procedure detailed in the user manual. If your laser level doesn't have a calibration feature, consult the manufacturer's guidelines or a professional for assistance.

Can I use my laser level outdoors?

Most laser levels can be used outdoors, but the visibility of the laser beam may be affected by bright sunlight. Look for laser levels with green beam technology or invest in a laser level detector for improved visibility in outdoor conditions.

What is the difference between a cross-line laser and a multi-line laser?

A cross-line laser projects a single horizontal and vertical line, while a multi-line laser projects multiple lines simultaneously. Multi-line lasers offer greater versatility and are better suited for complex leveling tasks.