Best Electric Blanket Australia: 5 Options to Keep Warm in 2023

By Ivan Piltz | Updated 4 January 2023

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Australia isn't just hot beaches and sunshine. In the winter months it gets cold! Especially down here in Melbourne where I'm from. If you find yourself getting chills on winter nights you should consider getting an electric blanket.

Electric blankets are a great way to keep warm and are much cheaper to run compared to a heater or air conditioner. In this guide we list the best electric blanket in Australia and other good options.  

Best for most

Sunbeam has a reputation of producing the best heated pads and blankets. The Sleep Perfect gets warm quickly and makes your mattress cosy thanks to its quilted top layer.


Budget pick

Tontine's electric mattress topper is soft, cosy, and importantly - good value. It's our budget option in this list that comes in at less half the price of our top pick.  

Tech pick

The Body Zone is a high tech mattress heater. It allows you to control the temperature of the upper and lower sections of the blanket. So if you like your feet to be warm but your body cold (or vice versa), this is the blanket for you. 

Electric throw blanket

Just need something to throw over yourself while on the couch? The Giselle electric throw is perfect for this. It comes with 9 temperature settings to warm you up on cold nights.

How We Decided

Aussies have a lot of opinions on what makes a good electric blanket. So we started our search by visiting Australian forums and discussion groups to see what blankets people recommended. What we found is that Sunbeam is a brand that commonly came up as a good option. Another common theme was that users liked blankets that allowed you to heat up individual sections of it.  Aussies also said that you should spend a decent amount of money on an electric blanket, as you don't want to skimp money on a heating product you sleep on.

We then visited retail websites to see if the popular blankets people discussed were still being sold and looked out for reviews on niche sites as well as opinions from overseas. This allowed us to further compare and review each product individually.

After all this research we fine tuned our list to a small selection of electric blankets that would meet the needs of most Australians. 

2023 Update

We've updated this guide for 2023 and updated our top pick to be the Sunbeam. We look to update our guides every 6 months to make sure the are current and relevant.

Best Electric Blanket Australia

Best for most

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect

What we like 

Dual heat control

Quilted top for extra comfort 


Type: Mattress pad

Heat settings: 6

Machine washable: Yes


The best heated blanket is the Sunbeam Sleep Perfect. This is because it has everything Australians like: good reputation, zone temperature control, comfort, and value. From all the research we did this product came up time again in both Australia and overseas. The Sunbeam Sleep Perfect comes in three different ranges: fitted, quilted and wool fleece. We found that the quilted was the best valued version when balancing comfort and price. 

What we like


Thanks to its quilted top layer, the Sunbeam is a very cushy electric blanket. It not only warms up your bed quickly in less than 5 minutes but it actually improves the comfort of the mattress. It does this by strategically placing the heating wires in areas of the blanket that are hard to detect such as near the feet. Users commented that they don't feel a single wire. We really like this about the Sunbeam. As there is no point being warm if you have a wire stabbing you in the back. Comfort is very important! 

Dual heat controls

A popular feature that users love is the ability to control the temperature of sections of the blanket. The Sunbeam comes with two controllers that allow you to set a different temperature on each side of the bed. And unlike other electric blankets you only need one power socket for dual control - not two. These dual controls means you can make one side of your bed super hot, while keeping the other side off or cooler. This is a great feature if your spouse likes a cooler mattress when you prefer a hot one. It's allows you to make your bed comfortable for both sleepers. 

Warms you and your feet quickly

In winter you don't want to be waiting an hour to warm up your cold sheets. You need your bed warmed up asap! The Sunbeam has a quick warm up time of 5 minutes. This heated blanket also has a bunch of its heat zones located in the feet area allowing you to warm up your cold feet fast.

Washing machine friendly

This electric blanket is machine washable! I was surprised too when I discovered this as you wouldn't think you could safely wash electric blankets. You simply remove its detachable controls and give it a good wash. It's also safe to tumble dry.

Auto shut off

You don't have to worry about forgetting to turn off this blanket. You can program it to turn off after 1 or 9 hours. It also has overheat protection built in as a safety feature. Basically the blanket can detect if something funny happens with the electric current and shuts off right away. 

Who's the Sunbeam electric blanket for?

The Sunbeam is the perfect electric blanket for any person looking to stay toasty warm. It comes in a range of sizes to fit your bed and different padding elements to suit you. It simply takes all the features that Aussies like in electric mattress pads and puts them into one product. 

Budget pick

Tontine Sherpa Electric Blanket

What we like 

Great price

Sherpa fleece for comfort


Type: Mattress pad

Heat settings: 3

Machine washable: Yes

Tontine is popular brand that produces a range of electric blankets for a good price. Our choice for this guide is their Sherpa electric blanket as you can find it for a great deal on some websites. It has all the key features you need in an electric blanket - comfy fleece cover, three heat settings, and a good price.

What we like

Sherpa fleece for comfort

The Tontine has an upper layer of Sherpa fleece that does two things. On a chilly night this extra layer of insulation helps keep you warm. And secondly since the additional layer is nice and thick it helps hide the wiring. We like anything that improves the comfort of your bed so this is a plus especially for its price point. 

You can wash it 

The Tontine is also a machine washable electric blanket. You want to wash your blanket just like your regular sheets after a period of use. So it's good that you can unhook the controls and chuck it for a wash. 

Great price

You can find a good deal on the Tontine online. We've seen this blanket retail around $100 dollars in some places, but in other websites like Amazon allow you to grab it for a steal. 

What we don't like

Doesn't have as much control as other products on this list

Other modern electric blankets on this list have more heating controls compared to the Tontine. For example our top pick has 6 heat settings and allows you to control multiple heat zones. This is what made Tontine our budget pick rather our top pick. But if you are not looking to have a crazy amount of customisation and just need a good headed mattress pad to fall asleep on, then this is a good buy. 

Who's the Tontine for?

The Tontine is for the person looking for a comfortable and straight forward electric blanket. You don't need extra features like phone controls or a million temperature settings. You just want something that works well and gets you warm quickly. 

Tech pick

Breville Bodyzone

What we like 

6 individual heating settings
Control with your phone


Type: Fitted electric blanket

Heat settings: 6

Machine washable: Yes

The Breville is a high end electric blanket that allows you to control everything about it. Do you want to have six different temperate controls? Check. Do you want to be able to set the temperatures on four different zones of the blanket? Check. Can you control it with your phone? Check again. This is the most customisable blanket on our list and makes it perfect for fussy sleepers that like their bed to be just right

What we like


Before we get to the tech features of this blanket, we should first discuss the most important thing. Is it comfortable? Users online say yes. They enjoy the different heating elements and one sleeper said its the perfect blanket for the cold nights in the Blue Mountains of NSW.

Great control over heating elements

The thing that sets this heated blanket apart from its competitors is the level of control you have over the heating elements. No all electric blankets can do this. The Breville comes with 6 temperature settings and lets you set different temperatures on four different zones of the blanket. These are the upper and lower body sections on both sides of the blanket. 

You can use your phone

It wouldn't be a smart electric blanket if you couldn't control it with your phone. You can download a custom app to control the heating elements direct from your mobile. 

What we don't like

Some people say it's too complicated

One compliant we found about this blanket is that some users found it too complicated to use. This is understandable as it has a lot of customisation. However this was the small majority of users. If you are looking for a straight forward electric blanket, then two picks we selected above may be more to your liking. 

Who's the Bodyzone for?

The Bodyzone is for the person who wants to control every part of their electric blanket. This is ideal if you need to warm up certain sections of your body. For example you can make use of the Breville's extra warm foot zone while turning off the heating on your upper body. It's perfect for picky sleepers.

Electric throw blanket

Giselle Electric Throw

What we like 

Perfect for Netflix and chilly nights



Type: Heated throw

Heat settings: 9

Machine washable: Yes

If you like to watch Netflix on chilly nights a heated throw is exactly what you need. It's perfect for any couch and is an energy efficient way to stay warm in the living room. The Giselle is our pick for the best electric throw blanket as it is comfortable, cheap, and does exactly what it says it does.

What we like

Easy to use

The Giselle throw is very easy to use. Just select your heat setting (there are 9 of them) then rug yourself up to stay warm. It is also wash friendly,  just remove the detachable controller and away you go.  

Lots of colours and comfortable 

The Giselle comes in a range of colours to match your living or bedroom. It is also made from a nice coral fleece that is light and super comfortable. Making it a perfect couch blanket.  

Safety timer included

Like most electric blankets on this list, the throw also comes with auto off safety timer. So if you fall sleep while turned on you don't have to worry. It turns off after 9 hours of use, but you can also reduce the time. 

Who's the Giselle for?

The Giselle is the perfect electric throw blanket for any living room. You should get this if you want to stay warm while watching tv or drinking a hot coffee. It is also a great way to save money as you wont have to turn on your expensive heater or air con.

Extra warm option

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Wool Fleece

What we like 

Super warm

Upgraded version of our top pick


Type: Mattress

Heat settings: 6

Machine washable: Yes

All of the electric blankets in this list will keep you warm, but if you want to be extra super warm, then you should look into getting Sunbeam's wool fleece blanket. This heated blanket has all the same features of the quilted version but with wool fleece instead of cotton. The benefit of having wool instead of cotton is that you will get warmer faster, meaning you will use less energy to get to your desired temperature. 

What we like

Extra warm

Do you like to be very warm and comfortable? Then you need a wool fleece electric blanket. As mentioned above you should only get this blanket if you really need the extra warmth or if you enjoy how wool fleece feels on your body.

You do save some money with wool as you don't need to have the blanket turned on for longer, but these blankets are already very cheap to run - so it will be quite a long time before you make up the extra money paid. 

All the features of our best pick included

This Sleep Perfect blanket has all the features of our top pick: it's comfortable, you can control both sides of the bed, has the same safety features, and is washable.  

What we don't like

It's expensive!

The reason why this version of the Sunbeam blanket didn't take the top pick is because it is much more expensive. We don't believe the extra money spent is worth it unless you love wool or need the extra warmth and comfort that comes with it. On a price to value ratio, we think the quilted cotton takes out the win. 

Who's the Wool Sleep Perfect for?

You should get this blanket if you like to sleep with a heated wool blanket. You will however be spending a bit more money on this product due to the extra material cost. 

Electric Blanket Buying Guide

Now that we've reached the end of our electric blankets review, we hope you've found a blanket that will meet your needs. If you need some more help deciding we have written a short buying guide below on what to look out for when buying the best electric blankets in Australia. We also answer some common questions people have about them.

Your budget and quality

This is the first question you will ask yourself when looking for an electric blanket. There is a direct coloration on the amount of money you spend to the quality of the electric blanket you get. This is because more expensive blankets use better and softer materials.

For example cheaper products may have less padding, but if you spend a bit more money you can find quilted electric blankets or even ones with wool fleece. You will also find that more expensive blankets have more heating controls over cheaper ones. In our guide we have listed a good mix of entry level and higher end heated blankets.

Machine washable

You want to make sure you look for heated blankets that allow you to wash it in your washing machine. This saves a lot of time and makes life easier.

Level of control of heating areas

If you share your bed with a spouse or partner, being able to control the heating zones of the bed is a great feature to have. For example in my household my wife loves to get into a hot bed, whereas I prefer a colder one. Our top pick allows you to control the temperature of different sides of the bed, while our tech pick allows you to control 4 sections. Basic models don't allow you to do this. If you don't need to control the temperature on different parts of the electric blanket, consider getting one without this feature as it will save you money.

Heat up time

When buying a blanket you want to check how long it takes to come up to temperature. Cheap electric blankets tend to loose their power overtime or take longer to heat up. While more expensive ones have better wiring that last longer and heat up faster.  Our top pick for example can come up to temperature within 5 minutes.

Safety features

Pretty much every electric blanket has in-built safety features. The main features you want to make sure your blanket has are auto shut off, overheat protection, and good built quality. This ensures that if you fall asleep with the blanket on it will turn off by itself. 

Size and fitted electric blanket

Make sure you buy a blanket that fits your bed. You should look out for fitted electric blankets that match your mattress size. In alternate you can get non fitted electric blankets like a throw if you wish to have it lay on top of you.

Heat settings

The electric blankets in our guide have heat settings that range from 3 all the way up to 9. If you want to have exact control over the level of temperature you should look out for blankets that allow you to do this. If you just need something that turns on and gets hot fast, get a cheaper one as it will save you money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions people ask about electric blankets sold in Australia. If you have a specific question you need help with please get in touch and we'll add it below.

Are electric blankets energy efficient?

Yes. Electric blankets are extremely energy efficient. They use on average about four cents an hour to operate. This is much cheaper than using a heater. So if you want to save money in the winter months you should consider getting an electric blanket. 

How do electric blankets work?

Electric blankets work by using an insulated wire within the blanket that heat up when an electric current is passed through them. By using the remote that comes with the blanket you can control how much current passes through. The higher the current the warmer your electric blanket gets.

What sizes do electric blankets come in?

Electric blankets come in a range of sizes to fit your bed. You will find blankets that fit single, double, queen, and king sized beds. You should get an electric blanket that fits your bed size.

Are electric blankets safe?

Yes. Electric blankets are safe as long as you take care of them. Electric blankets come with a range of features like auto turn off and overheat protection. This ensures if you forget to turn it off, the blanket itself off automatically. 

How much do electric blankets cost?

The price of electric blankets can range between $50-$300 depending on the quality and feature set of the blanket. More expensive blankets tend to have better materials and allow you to control more of the blanket. 


Now you know how to keep warm on those cold winter nights in Australia! In summary, our top pick is the Sunbeam below due to the various settings it has and comfort. If you are on a budget, then consider the Tontine.

Best for most

Sunbeam has a reputation of producing the best heated pads and blankets. The Sleep Perfect gets warm quickly and makes your mattress cosy thanks to its quilted top layer.