Best Carpenters Tool Belt Australia: 2023 Tradie and DIY Picks

By Tom Summerfield | Updated 19 February 2023

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When you're on the job, you want to make sure your belt has your tools secured and easy to reach. That's why in this post we're taking a look at the best carpenters tool belts in Australia. These belts are designed to keep your most used tools and nails easy to reach, so you can get the job done quicker. We've looked at both tradie tool belts, and ones good for home DIY-ers.

Tradie pick

If you need a carpenter's belt for work, then you need to get one designed for tradies. The Occidental leather tool belt is what we call "the last belt you'll ever buy". It is expensive, however it will last for a long time with it's excellent leather build, and pockets for everything.

Best for most (budget)

Do you need a well built belt that won't break the bank, and can be used both professionally and for home jobs? Dewalt is a belt that meets these needs. It's made of a a synthetic and leather reinforced construction, making it light weight and good to use. 



Do you find normal carpentry belts uncomfortable and strain your hips? Then consider picking up the a suspender version designed by Dickies. It has all the features and pockets for a normal carpenter belt, with the support of suspenders.

Light and compact

StrongLad make a good light weight carpenter tool belt that has good pockets to keep your tools easy to reach. The benefit of this one is that it is on the smaller size, so less strain on your body.

How We Decided

We started our search by researching the most popular carpenter tool belts on the market. We cast the net wide. We looked at both tradie designed belts and ones that are good for consumers. We wanted to create a list that covered both types of customers. Next we went onto trade forums and reddit threads to have a look at what the carpenter community liked and recommended. After this we cross referenced these posts with the belts we found, before making a list that had work tool belts that suited the needs of most people in Australia.

Best Carpenters Tool Belt Australia

Tradie pick

What we like 

Well built, leather, made for trades

Multiple pockets (24!), adjustable

The last belt you'll buy


Weight: 2.36kg

Size: ‎47.5 x 45.47 x 15.24 cm
Build: High density neoprene, commercial nylon, and full grain leather

If you need a good carpenter tool belt for work, then you should get one that will last and has positive reviews in the carpentry community. Occidental Leather is a brand that is known around the world for making high quality tool belts and work gear. That is why our tradie pick is the Occidental Leather 9850.

This belt has everything you need to get the job done. It is made of quality materials, has lots of pockets, and is built to last. They come with a lifetime warranty and tradies in Australia and beyond have said that they will never use any other brand. People have reported 13 years of use and still going strong. 

The con of this belt, of course, is the price, however if you are using it for work you want to get something that will last. There is nothing more frustrating than paying for a piece of gear you thing is well made, only for it to fall apart shortly after use. 

Best for most (budget)

What we like 

Well built

Multiple pockets

Hoister for drill, hammer and more 



Weight: 1.66kg

Size: 54 x 49 x 12 cm
Build: Leather reinforced, mesh, and synthetic

If you are not looking to break the bank, but still want a tool belt that is great for work, then Dewalt makes great value carpenter belts. We have selected this belt because it has well designed pockets for power tools and hammers, is strategy built with leather reinforced and synthetic material, making it sturdy, while keeping it in budget.

This belt is suitable for use in Australian trade sites, and will also find good use at home if you are doing a DIY project and need easy access to your tools and nails. 

This is what we call a "value for money" belt. It's price is reasonable compared to its construction. It's a great belt to get started with.


What we like 

Padded suspenders!

Reduces pressure on hips

Lots of pockets (16 compartments)


Weight: 1.68kg

Size: ‎61.01 x 12.7 x 32.99 cm
Build: Heavy-duty black canvas, mesh, and padding.

If you find carpenter belts uncomfortable or tool heavy on your hips, then consider grabbing a rig instead! The benefit of these types of belts is that they have suspenders that help better distribute the weight of your tools across your whole body, making it much more forgiving on your body. You'll feel much better after a long day on the tools.

Dickies is the brand of suspender style tool belt we choose in this guide for a few key reasons. Firstly, it's light, next it's well made with black canvas and plush padding on the suspenders, and finally, it is a good price.

If you're looking at this style of tool belt, make sure to check it out.

Light and compact

What we like 

Great design, leather

Pockets for key tools


Weight: 0.80kg

Size: 25.91 x 25.91 x 7.62
Build: Oil tanned leather with nylon thread and rivets

Our final belt on this list is the StrongLad carpenter's tool belt. We choose this one as it fits a nice niche on the market. It is a lightweight belt coming in at only 800 grams, compact, and made of good quality material.

It's construction is that of oiled tanned leather with nylon threads and rivets to make sure it doesn't come apart. It also doesn't have too many pockets, making it ideal to keep weight down. You only need to have access to the tools you need for the job, after all.

Oh, and it is a good price too. Make sure to have a look at it if you don't like have too much bulk on you while working.

Carpenter Tool Belt Buying Guide

Now that we've come to the end of your best carpenters belt Australia list, we will have a closer look at what to look out for when buying tool belts, before answering some common asked questions about them. Keep reading if you haven't made up your mind yet!

What To Look Out for When Buying A Tool Belt?

When buying a tool belt for carpentry or any trade, there are a few key factors to consider, we outline them in more detail below. 


You belt needs to be comfortable. There is no point paying a lot of money for a belt if you cant wear it all day long and for long periods of time. You want to look for a belt with padding and breathable features so you can keep working hard all day long.


Make sure the tool belt is the right size for your waist. Most belts come with with adjustable straps to ensure a good fit. If the tool belt is too loose or too tight, it can affect your movement and make it harder to access your tools.


Look for a tool belt made from high-quality materials. You want a belt with quality leather, nylon, or other heavy duty material. You are going to have sharp objects in your pockets, so you don't want them to tear. The stitching should be strong and the pockets should be reinforced to prevent tearing.


Consider the number and size of pockets on the tool belt, as well as their placement. The pockets should be easily accessible and able to hold all the tools you need for the job. Some tool belts also come with hooks or loops for additional storage.


Depending on your needs, you may want a tool belt that can accommodate different types of tools or accessories, such as hammer loops or drill holsters. Look for a tool belt with customizable pockets and attachments to meet your specific needs.

Brand and Price

Consider the reputation of the brand and the price point of the tool belt. While it may be tempting to go for a cheaper option, investing in a high-quality tool belt can save you money in the long run by lasting longer and reducing the risk of tools falling out or getting lost.

carpenter tool belt in use

Different Types of Carpenter Tool Belts in Australia

When buying a tool belt for carpentry or any trade, there are a few key factors to consider, we outline them in more detail below. 

There are many different types of carpenter tool belts available in Australia, each with their own quirks and benefits. Below are the most common types you will find:

Leather Tool Belts: These are the traditional type of tool belts. Tyically made from durable and high-quality leather. They feature multiple pockets and pouches for storing a variety of tools and nails. Usually premium brands are made with leather.

Nylon Tool Belts: Nylon tool belts are lightweight and breathable, making them a popular choice for carpenters who work in hot environments.  These are also great as they help keep the cost of the belts down as they are more affordable.

Padded Tool Belts: These tool belts feature additional padding on the back and waist to help distribute the weight of the tools and reduce pressure on the lower back. They are great for tradies that find they are sore with traditional belts, these help you work longer and safer.

Apron-Style Tool Belts: Apron-style tool belts wrap around the waist and over the shoulders. They are great as they provide extra support by distributing the weight of the tools across the body. They are really useful for tradies who need to carry a large number of tools on the job and work longer hours.

Suspenders: Some carpenters prefer to wear suspenders in addition to their tool belts, as they can help distribute the weight of the tools more evenly and reduce pressure on the lower back. This is one of the options we choose in our list of tool belts in Australia.

When choosing a carpenter tool belt, make sure you grab one that will meet the needs of the job at hand. Make sure you consider the materials and construction of the belt to ensure that it is durable and suitable for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions have about carpenter belts. If you have a question you need answered, feel free to reach out an we will add it to the list!

What do you put in a tool belt?

You should put the tools that you will most commonly use for the job on hand. For example, a hammer and nails. You should also put in small tools that you always use, like a pencil or measurer.

Should a carpentry belt be on front or back?

The correct way to wear a belt is with the buckle in the front and pockets to the side or back. This is beacuse it will help prevent your tools stabbing and poking you while working.

What's the difference between an carpenter and electrician belt?

The main difference is the number of pockets. Electricians use a lot more small tools, so their belts have a lot of small pockets. While carpenters use more bulky tools and need deeper pockets for nails etc. So the key difference is the style of pockets for the job. 


We've reached the end of this guide. We hope you have found a tool belt that will match your needs. As a reminder our tradie pick is the Occidental Leather 9850 below. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us or leave us a comment.

Tradie pick

If you need a carpenter's belt for work, then you need to get one designed for tradies. The Occidental leather tool belt is what we call "the last belt you'll ever buy". It is expensive, however it will last for a long time with it's excellent leather build, and pockets for everything.