11 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Coffee Machine Deals Australia 2023

By Melinda Perry | Updated 17 November 2023

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 is here and it's the perfect time to pick up that coffee machine you've been eyeballing. Many retailers have started their deals early, so make sure to grab a bargain before the christmas season starts!

In this post we are listing the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday coffee machine deals in Australia. Some of the deals below have started now, while other's will be active during the sale (We've included semi-automatic, super-automatic, and pod coffee machines. If you don't know the difference make sure to read our coffee machine buying guide, otherwise let's get to it!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Coffee Machine Deals Australia

Save a MINIMUM of 15% OFF with code BrevCyber15 between 22 to 28 November!

Breville is doing a crazy sale between 22 to 28 of November on their exclusive deal page for all espresso machines. At LEAST 15% off by using the code BrevCyber15. The deals will go live on the 22nd. If you want access to the deals, make sure follow and save the link below!

Save up to 27% OFF!

If you want a good deal NOW, then the Barista Express is on sale now by following the link below. This machien is the go-to home espresso machine. It has all the tools needed to make barista coffee at home. It's main feature is its inbuilt grinder that saves space and money by not needing to buy a separate grinder.

Grab up to 27% OFF on this machine!

De'longhi has its own version of an espresso machine with an inbuilt grinder. If you like the more vintage look, then make sure to check out this machine.

Up to 27% OFF! Great for small kitchens

The Bambino plus is a cute mini espresso machine perfect for the person with a small kitchen. Make sure to grab a great deal on this espresso machine this Cyber Monday weekend.

50% Off on Black Friday!

This is a bean to cup machine. Press on button and the Magnifica will do all the work for you to make a great tasting coffee. It's a steal this year with a 50% off deal!

Discount of 30% this Black Friday

Sunbeam is a entry level coffee machine brand that has come out with their version of Breville's Barista Express. The pro of this machine is that it is very cheap this Black Friday and Cyber Monday and it has all the features of the Breville.

Discount up to 35% OFF!

If you want a easy way to make coffee at home, you need to check out the Nespresso Range. Put in a pod, press a button, and your coffee comes out! Easy! Grab a deal on Nespresso this Cyber Monday.

Black Firday deal

If you want to press one button and get a delicous cappucinno or latte, then you need a super automatic espresso machine. These machines are typical very expensive, but this Black Friday you can grab a great deal!

Perfect entry level machine (with discount)!

The Gaggia Classic is one of the most popular entry level espresso machines for those who want to use a 58mm group head. These machines rarely go on sale, but on the Cyber Monday & Black Friday weekend you can find a deal.


We're going to keep adding to this list throughout the holiday deal season, so make sure you come back to check out new deals on coffee machines, grinders and more! Happy holidays and I hope you great a great coffee bargain!