Where To Buy Distilled Water in Australia

By Ivan Piltz | Updated 4 January 2023

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Are you trying to find where you can buy distilled water? In this guide we're listing the easiest places to buy distilled water online and in person in Australia. Later on we also answer some common questions about distilled water.

Where to buy distilled water online

The best places to buy distilled water online is from Amazon or eBay thanks to their big range, cheap prices, and quick delivery. It's always cheaper buying online than in person. Below we have listed two great options you can consider. If you need your distilled water asap, we recommend you pick it up in person from the retailers we have listed further below.

Cheap price

It's very easy to buy distilled water from Amazon. They offer good prices and quick shipping as most products are shipped from Amazon's warehouse rather than private vendors. There is a good range to choose from, from litre bottles to large sizes. 


Big range

Distilled water can also be found on eBay. It is a great site to find a big selection of different volume sizes. Our pick that you can check the price below includes two 5 litre bottles. You can also find vendors that sell 20 litre bottles if you want to buy in bulk.

Distilled water retailers

If you need to quickly pick up some distilled water asap then we recommend popping in your nearest store that sells them in person. In Australia retailers that sell distilled water include:

  • Bunnings
  • Autobarn
  • Coles
  • Woolworths
  • Other car retailers

Frequently asked questions

Now that we've shown where you can buy some distilled water, you may also be wondering what it is, how it's made, and what do you even use distilled water for? We're answering these common questions and more below.

What is distilled water?

Distilled water is water that has had its minerals and impurities removed from it. Simply put, it is water with most if not all of the extra bits removed. This is done by boiling water into vapour, and then turning it back into liquid.

How is distilled water made?

Distilled water is made by using two containers. Firstly, you boil the water till it turns into water vapour in one container, then you transfer the vapour in a second empty container. The original container will be left with any minerals or impurities that were in the water. The second container will then be cooled back down and turn the vapour back into water without the impurities - aka, distilled water.

What is distilled water used for?

Distilled water is used for a variety of purposes. Some include: car batteries or cooling systems, steam irons, watering plants, aquariums, and science uses.

What's the difference between distilled vs purified water?

The main difference between distilled and purified water is that purified water still contains minerals, whereas distilled water will have all minerals removed. Purified water still has other impurities or chemicals removed.

What is distilled water used for battery?

Distilled water is used in car batteries as it does not have minerals in it. To get the best performance you need water free from any impurities or minerals. 

Can you drink distilled water?

You can drink distilled water, but you will notice it is very bland and flat as it has all chemicals and minerals removed from it. So most people stick to normal tap or bottled water for their tea kettles and coffee and leave their distilled for steam irons.

Why steam distilled water in irons?

Some people say it is better to use distilled water when ironing as it prevents clogging and splattering by the iron. 


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