Where To Buy Cheap Terracotta Pots

By Melinda Perry | Updated 4 January 2022

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Terracotta pots are great. We love the contrast of green foliage with the terracotta colour and they're a prefect fit for any home or garden. However, buying them in bulk or large ones can get expensive, so that's why in this guide we'll be listing where to buy cheap terracotta pots in Australia. There's no need to go broke tending to your garden. 

Where to buy terracotta pots online?

Terracotta pots may look fragile, but they're lot sturdier than you would think. The best savings we've been able to find have been online. Below are some of my favourite pots from online retailers that go for a fair price. Later on in the article we'll list some good places you can buy them in person. 

Good for unique and single piece

Amazon is a great place to grab your basic terracotta pots as well as unique looking ones. They have a big range from both Australia and overseas and is worth having a look at. You can find vendors that sell through Amazon's warehouses which means you can get your pots quickly.


Good for bulk buys

eBay is another go-to destination for online terracotta pots. They also have a big range like Amazon. I also find that eBay had a lot of good bulk deals. The great thing about eBay is that you can buy new and used terracotta prices that can save you money.

Terracotta pot stores and alternatives

If you're looking to get large terracotta pots or are looking to save some money, buying from the big online marketplaces may not be the best bet. As the heavier the pot the more expensive shipping can get as many people have commented. In these scenarios you can find cheap terracotta pots in a few places.

Used terracotta pots

The cheapest terracotta pots you will find are second hand or used ones. The best places to find these are on free public marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. Here you will find people wanting to get rid of their old or sometimes new terracotta ports for cheap or even free! If you're looking to save money and don't mind doing a bit of leg work this is great option.

Retailers and garden centres

The most obvious choice on where to buy pots are local retailers. These include bigger chains such as Bunnings, IKEA, and Kmart, and independent or smaller retailers like your local garden stores plant nurseries. Visiting your local garden shop is recommended when buying extra large terracotta pots, they can often also give you good wholesale deals.

Frequently asked questions

At the end of each product review, we like to answer some common questions people have about terracotta pots. If you have any particulars questions yourself please write to us and we can add it to the list below.

Where to buy large terracotta pots?

You can buy large terracotta pots both online and in person. However, the larger the pot the more expensive it is to ship, so we recommend visiting your local garden supply shop.

Can you paint terracotta pots?

Yes you can. We find painting pots can give them a modern look. We especially like white terracotta pots.

Can terracotta pots be reused?

You can reuse old terracotta pots. Just make sure you give them a good wash and before placing a new plant in them.

How do you keep terracotta pots looking good?

If you want to keep your pots looking good throughout the years a good way to maintain them is to pressure wash the exterior of your pot. This gets rid of any unwanted growth and moss. 


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