Best Work Boots Australia 2023: 5 Great Safety Boots Reviewed

By Ivan Piltz | Updated 7 November 2023

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Whatever trade you do, be it chippy, sparky or labourer - you need a good pair of work boots to get you through the day. But what are the best work boots in Australia? In this guide we list safety boots that are comfortable, lightweight, and have steel cap protection. Our picks are chosen after hours of research, comparing expert reviews and tradie opinions.

Best for most

If you ask a tradie for a Aussie boot recommendation, Oliver will likely come to mind. Although it's on the expensive side, it's well worth investing in comfortable work boots when working long hours. The Oliver AT comes in both zip and zipless versions.


Also good

Steel Blue is another good Aussie brand. Popular among all trades, they offer comfort and protection with their steel cap boots. The Argyle is their most popular boot. It comes in zip or zipless versions and multiple colours.  

Slip on

If you prefer a more classic safety boot, you can't go wrong with a Redback. It has a simple slip on design, steel cap, full grain leather top, and extra comfort rubber sole. 

How We Decided

When it comes to deciding what makes a good work boot, we decided it was best to go straight to the source - the people that use them. So we started our search by researching what boots tradies recommended on public forums such as Whirlpool and Reddit. Here we noted down the most mentioned work boots to help form the base of our list.

Next we researched each safety boot individually, noting their pros, cons, prices, and user reviews. We placed more value on reviews by tradies that used their boots on a daily basis. In particular how long they lasted and how happy the user was. It was also important that we selected some boots that are compliant with Occupational Protective Footwear Standards (AS / NZS 2210). There's no point buying a boot if your boss won't let you wear them!

After all this research we narrowed down our list to our five picks below. We picked boots that suited different uses as well as good 'all rounders'. 

Best Work Boots Australia: Top 5

Best for most

Oliver AT

What we like 

Great reputation

Excellent cushioning 


Type: High top

Toe: Steel toe

Material: Water resistant leather


When looking for the best work boot in Australia one name that frequently comes up is the Oliver work boot (2). This is because they have a strong reputation among trades to be comfortable and durable. Oliver has a big range of steel cap boots to choose from to match your industry. So it is best to browse their selection to see if their is a boot made specifically for your industry. But if you're looking for a good 'all rounder' our favourite among the range is the Oliver AT as it offers a good mix between comfort and safety. 

What we like


When selecting a good work boot, we believe that comfort is one of the most important factors. The Oliver AT is a very comfortable boot that was many features that help to reduce fatigue after a long day. Such as a impact absorption system that uses a combination of "cellular ethane", "shock absorbing polyurethane", and comfortable leather. 

Steel Cap and Heel guard

Oliver is also our best steel cap boot in Australia. It comes with a steel toe guard that is compliant with AS / NZS 2210 standards with a wide profile for extra comfort.

Anti odour material

If you have a spouse a likely compliant will be the smell of your boots. A cool feature about these boots is that its made with anti odour material that helps prevent smells. It's a nice feature that solves a common issue. 

What we don't like

On the expensive side

This boot is one of the more expensive ones you can buy. However many users in trade forms comment that a good pair of boots is something you shouldn't cut corners with. It'll help you work longer and safer in comfort.

Who's the Oliver for?

The Oliver AT is made for a person who wants to invest in a good work boot and is fine with spending bit more money to ensure they get a quality tool for their feet. Oliver has a wide range to choose from, we like the Oliver AT as a good all rounder and has a good reputation among users (3). 

Also good

Steel Blue Argyle

What we like 

Derby style work boot
Popular among brickies and grazers


Type: High top
Toe: Steel toe
Material: Full grain leather

Steel Blue is another popular Australian brand of work boots. They cater to a wide range of trades and tailor make their boots specific for the job. Our selected boot, the Argyle, is a good allrounder that is popular among bricklayers and glaziers.

What we like

Oil and Slip Resistance

If your worksite is slippery or contains oil, you'll be happy to know that all Blue Steel footwear is designed to have oil and slip resistance. It meets the requirements of both EN ISO 20345 and AS 2210.30 to keep the safety inspector happy (4).

Great Leather

A common trend on forums is people commenting that these boots are very comfortable thanks to their good quality leather. There's nothing more annoying buying an expensive boot only for it to be a pain to wear or not last long. Blue Steel boots are made from long lasting and comfortable leather (5).

Anti-Static Material

Prevents the build-up of static electricity within your body by dissipating it through the sole.

What we don't like

Also on the expensive side but...

Like the Oliver above, this steel cap boot is one of the more premium on the market. However a good boot is hard to find. You want to invest in something that can keep you comfortable and on your feet all day long. 

Who's the Blue Steel for?

Blue steel are the best safety shoes for most jobs. This is because they have a wide range of boots to choose from that fit your trade. If you're looking for a good all-rounder, the Argyle is a great choice.

Slip on

Redback Easy Escape

What we like 

Slip on 
Air cushioned sole


Type: High top
Toe: Steel toe
Material: Full grain leather

For some people boots with laces can become tiresome. Tying and untying your boots every morning and when you get home can get annoying. If this is you then what you need is a good slip on work boot. Redback is popular Australian brand of slip on boots that many turn to.  

What we like

Anatomic Sole

Redback has what they like to call a "Anatomic Sole". This is a fancy word that means that the boot's sole is shaped to cradle your foot. This helps reduce foot and arch strain, fatigue and pain.

Air Cushion

We love it when a work boots creates features that make it even more comfortable - and what's more comfortable than walking on air? That's why the Redback has a air cushion in its sole that helps reduce shock absorption that makes it comfortable to wear.

Slip on

The great thing about slip on boots is that they are super easy to put on and take off. No messing around with laces or straps. Just a quick slip and you can put up your feet for the rest of the day.

What we don't like

You'll love it or hate it

Slip on boots are not to everyone's liking. Some people prefer to feel secured with laces. Whilst others love the comfort of slip on. But if you've never worn a slip on work boot before, don't discount this one - it may become the glass slipper you never knew you were looking for. 

Who's the Redback for?

The Redback is the best slip on work boot for people who love a shoe that is easy to put on and rake off. 

Mid top pick

Mongrel Mid-Top

What we like 

Mid-top fit

Zip for easy access


Type: Mid top
Toe: Steel toe
Material: Leather and Synthetic 

Unlike the other boots on this list the Mongrel is our first mid-top boot. If you like this style then make sure you check this boot out. Many users have commented that Mongrel boots are comfortable and they like how they are Australian made.

What we like

Easy Access

The Mongrel is a easy shoe to get in and out of thanks to it's side zipper and strap. After coming home from a hard day's work, being able to chuck off your shoes with ease is a pro in our books.

Steel Cap Boot

The Mongrel is comes equipped with a 200J resistant steel toe cap. Meaning you can go about your day safety without worrying about dropping heavy tools on your foot. It certified to AS/NZS 2210.3.2009 class 1 standards.

Foot and Arch Support

The Mongrel is designed to provide support to your feet thanks to it orthodontically designed foot bed and arch support. 

Who's the Mongrel work boot for?

The Mongrel is best suited for the person you likes a mid-top boot that comes equipped with compliant safety features, comfort and easy boot access thanks to it's side zip. 

Low top

Cat Streamline Safety Shoe

What we like 

Low cut

Light weight


Type: Low top
Toe: Composite toe
Material: Mesh and Synthetic 

The Cat is a very different safety boot from the rest on this list. You can tell by just looking at it - it's a low cut safety shoe! It looks like something you would wear on the street rather than work, however rest assured it still has that all important composite toe to keep your feet safe from heavy objects.

What we like

Low cut and athletic

The low cut design of this Cat safety shoe is great if you need an athletic shoe to keep you comfortable throughout the day. It also has a ergo midsole that contours up to comfort your feet and reduce strain.

Light weight

Thanks to its design, this Cat shoe is much lighter compared to the heavy safety boots on this list. So, if you find yourself having heavy feet, this shoe is something you can consider buying.

Who's this safety shoe for?

This safety shoe is perfect for the person who does not want to wear the traditional work boot, or rather, needs something more lightweight, but still safe, to keep comfortable throughout the work day.

Work Boots Buying Guide

Now that we've reached the end of our work boot reviews hopefully you've found a safety shoe that suits your needs. But if you're still deciding what boot best suit you, below are some common questions you need to ask yourself when picking a work boot. It'll help you narrow down our top picks even further.

What Features Do I Need?

The first question you have to ask yourself is what features your work boots need. Your trade may have specific requirements set by your boss, industry or union. For example requiring a steel cap toe that can take at least 200j of pressure or wearing hi vis workwear.

After you note down your "must haves", next you should look at what features you need specific for your job. Do you work in a slippery environment? Then you'll need good grip and a water proof work boot. Are you going to be on your feet all day? Then you must have a comfortable boot. Do you like slip on boots or boots that feel secure and snug? You need to choose between the two.

We recommend making a short list what the requirements you need to have as this will help narrow down your list quickly. 

What's Your Budget?

Price is obviously a consideration when buying any product. Our advice is to not skimp on price when buying a work boot. A good work boot makes all the difference on how you feel at the end of a long day. It's not just a tool for your feet - a good boot will help prevent aches and pains. The best Australian made work boots tend to be priced between the $120 - $190 range. The better boots are on the higher range but they are worth the investment.

Does The Boot Fit Well?

It's important that you buy a boot that fits your foot profile. Some people have wide feet, others have narrow feet, or feet with high arches. You want to make sure the boot you choose matches your foot profile. There's only one way to go about solving this issue - trying on boots. We recommend either trying your boots in store to make sure they are comfortable or buy them from a online provider for a good price that has a good return policy.

Is The Work Boot Lightweight?

If you don't like heavy shoes, you might want to get a lightweight workboot. If this is the case, you should look out for materials and boots that are contructed to tbe lightweight.

There are several materials to consider, some are:

Leather is a popular choice for work boots because it's durable and long-lasting. However, it can also be heavy. To make leather work boots lighter, look for styles that use thin, lightweight leather or those that have a more minimal design.

Synthetic materials
Synthetic materials, such as nylon and polyester, are often used in lightweight work boots because they are lightweight and durable. These materials are also often water-resistant, which can be useful in wet or muddy environments.

Mesh is a lightweight and breathable material that is often used in work boots to help keep your feet cool and dry. Mesh work boots are a good option for those who work in hot or humid environments or who need a more breathable boot.

Rubber is another lightweight and durable material that is often used in work boots. Rubber boots are often waterproof, making them a good choice for wet or muddy environments.

Composite materials
Some work boots use composite materials, such as fiberglass or carbon fiber, to provide lightweight strength and support. These materials are often used in boots with steel toes or other safety features to provide protection without adding too much weight.

Is The Safety Boot Comfortable?

There are several factors that can make a safety boot comfortable that you should consider when selecting a boot. These include:

Cushioned insoles
Proper cushioning is crucial for foot comfort, especially when you're standing or walking for long periods of time. Look for boots with insoles that are well-cushioned and contoured to support your feet.

Arch support
Your feet need proper arch support to help distribute your weight evenly and reduce strain on your heels and toes. Look for boots with insoles that provide good arch support or consider adding an insole or orthotic to your boots for added support.

Padded collars and tongues
The collar and tongue of your boots should be padded to help reduce pressure on your ankles and the tops of your feet. Padding can also help prevent blisters and other foot injuries.

Work boots should be breathable to help prevent sweating and odor. Look for boots with ventilation holes or moisture-wicking liners to keep your feet cool and dry.

Proper fit is essential for foot comfort. Your boots should fit snugly but not too tight, and they should have enough room in the toe area to allow for natural foot movement.

Quality materials
High-quality materials are important for both comfort and durability. Look for boots made with leather or other breathable materials that are comfortable to wear and will last.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions people ask when work boots. If you have a specific question you need answered please contact us and we'll add it to the list.  

Who makes the best work boots?

In Australia many people have commented that the best work boots are made by Oliver, Steel Blue, Redback, and Mongrel. These are brands that produce a range of work boots to suit your job and trade.

What are the best socks for work boots?

The best socks for work boots are thick and comfortable cotton socks. You should also take into account the fit of the boot to match the type of sock you need. If the boot is a little to big for you, a thicker sock may be needed to have a snug fit.

What work boots are the most comfortable?

The most comfortable work boots are made by premium work boot manufacturers such as Steel Blue, Mongrel, Oliver and Redback. This is because they use a combination of quality materials, shock absorption and orthopaedic design.

Are steel toe boots comfortable?

Yes. Steel boots are comfortable as long as they fit you well. Obviously they're a bit heavier than you average boot due to the steel. But you get used to it very quickly.


I hope you've found a good safety boot to for your needs in this guide. In summary, we have given lots of different options for various jobs and preferences. But if you are looking for a good Aussie all rounder, then our favourite was the Oliver AT below.

Best for most

If you ask a tradie for a Aussie boot recommendation, Oliver will likely come to mind. Although it's on the expensive side, it's well worth investing in comfortable work boots when working long hours. The Oliver AT comes in both zip and zipless versions.