Best Milk Frother Australia 2023: 3 Options to Make Milk Foam!

By Ivan Piltz | Updated 4 January 2023

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In this guide we reveal the best milk frother in Australia. Milk frothers are perfect for Aussies who love drinking coffee but don't want to break the bank by buying expensive coffee makers. With a milk frother you can get the same frothy milk as barista made coffee but for the fraction of the price. 

Our picks are chosen after many hours of research and drawing upon our own person experience with milk frothers. 

Best choice

The Breville is the best milk frother on the market. It's feature rich and the only frother that allows you to control the temperature of the milk with an adjustable dial. It also looks great, is easy to use, and has great build quality.


Budget pick

If you're looking for good cheap alternative to the Breville above, you can't go past the Lavazza. You simply press a button and the Lavazza with froth up hot milk for your morning latte. 

Handheld milk frother

The Bodum is the best hand held milk frother. It's cheap and very simple to use. Heat up your milk on your stove or microwave, then manually froth it!

How We Decided

We started our search by researching what types of milk frothers existed on the market. What we found is that there are two main types - jug and handheld. Jug frothers heat and froth the milk at the same time, while handhelds only froth the milk.

We then researched what milk frothers Aussies used in their home by reading popular forums (1) and noting what frothers were popular (2). This created our short list. We then went through our list, compared the frothers, and reviewed each one individually before deciding on our top three.

What we found is that the Breville is the runaway winner. The rest of the options are more or less the same with the main difference being build quality and brand recognition. So we decided there was no point creating a massive list for this guide. Besides the Breville, the remainder of milk frothers work the same way - we picked the ones that had the best overall impression on consumers and on us. 

2023 Update

We've updated this guide for 2023 and reviewed the market again to see if there were any new options to add to this list. Upon review, there has not been any major shifts to replace our top pick below.

Best Milk Frother Australia

Best choice

Breville Milk Frother

What we like 

Temperature control

Induction heating

Great functional design


Type: Jug
Power: Wall socket
Size: ‎17.8 x 32.6 x 20.4 cm


The Breville is the best milk frother in Australia. This is because it is the only one we found that allows you to control the temperature of the milk with an adjustable dial.

A common compliant we found Aussies had with other milk frother brands is that the milk they produced was either too hot or not hot enough. This is because cheaper models don't allow you to control the temperature of the milk, rather they are pre-programed to go up to a certain temperature. The Breville solves this issue by allowing you to control your desired hotness.

The Breville also has a great features and build quality thanks to its stainless steel exterior. Below we outline what we like about the milk frother. 

What we like

Large capacity

The jug allows you to make up to three cups of foamed milk.

Induction heating

The frother uses induction heating to heat up the milk at a gradual pace. This helps create better frothed milk and prevents the milk from burning.

Two frothing disks

The Breville comes with 2 interchangeable frothing disks. One is designed for making frothy cappuccino foam and the other for silky latte foam.

Easy clean up with detachable jug

The Breville is broken up into 2 parts - the heating part and the milk jug. The milk jug is detachable and dishwasher safe. So once you finish frothing simply remove the jug and give it a quick wash.

Temperature control 

As mentioned before, the Breville allows you to control the temperature of your milk. It has a adjustable dial that allows you to set the temperature from cold froth all the way up to 70 degrees. Any further and the milk burns. 

Stainless steel exterior

The Breville's stainless steel not only looks great but is practical. It is one of the few milk frothers that comes in a stainless steel build. It looks great in any kitchen.

What we don't like

More expensive than competitors 

The Breville is close to double the price to other milk frothers on the market. But this make sense due to its feature set and build quality. If you are looking for a cheaper model we have outlined a good option below. 

Who's the Breville Milk Frother for?

The Breville is the ideal milk frother for the person who wants to control the temperature of their milk and wants a stylish and function appliance for their kitchen.

Budget pick

Lavazza Milk Frother

What we like 

Nice design


Type: Jug

Power: Wall socket
Size: 13.5 x 26 x 13.5 cm

If you're looking for good milk frother for a good price then you can't go past the Lavazza. It is our budget pick that is designed to froth hot milk with a press of a button. When teamed up with a pod machine it allows you to make tasty cappuccinos in your own home. You can also warm up milk with this frother by simply removing the frothing disk or do a cold froth. 

What we like

Good price

You can pick up the Lavazza for around the $60 mark, making it very affordable and half the price of the Breville above. This is a great price point if you want to try out a milk frother without spending much money. 

Easy to use

The Lavazza is super easy to use. Just pour in your milk, close the lid, and press the one button to start. The frother will do the rest and create hot frothy milk.

Nice design

We're fans of black home appliances and think the Lavazza looks great!

What we don't like

No temperature control

Unlike the Breville, you can't control the temperature with with the Lavazza. It always heats up the milk to its pre-programmed setting. 

Not dishwasher safe

You can't wash the Lavazza in the dishwasher like the Breville. This is not a deal breaker as all you need to do is give it a quick rinse under the water. 

Who's the Lavazza For?

The Lavazza is a great milk frother for anyone that wants to make frothy milk for their coffee without spending much money. If you're looking to control your temperature, then you're better off getting the Breville. If you're happy with just getting hot milk then this machine is great value.


Bodum Milk Frother

What we like 

Very cheap
Good handling


Type: Handheld
Power: Battery 
Size: 24.89 x 6.1 x 3.81 cm

The last option on our list is the Bodum hand held milk frother. This a a very cheap battery powered frother. You simply froth your hot or cold milk with this tool and then give it a quick rinse under the tap when done. Nothing more to it!

There are a lot of handheld milk frothers on the market and in our opinion they are all more or less the same. They're literally mini motorised whisks. The reason we picked the Bodum is that we think it has the best looking design. 

What we like

Very cheap

You can pick up the Bodum very cheap. Like very, very cheap. You can see the price here.

Easy to use

Handheld milk forthers are basically mini motorised whisks. Simply dunk the whisk under your milk and watch your milk froth up.

We like the black design

Did we already mention earlier that we like black appliances? We think the Bodum's black handle looks great!

What we don't like

Doesn't heat milk

This is obvious, but handheld milk frothers don't heat up milk. It's not a deal breaker as you can just use your stove or microwave - but it does add more steps to the process. 

Jug milk frothers are better and not that more expensive

We recommend picking up a jug based milk frother as they are not that much more expensive and also heat up the milk for you. For example the Lavazza above. It is also very cheap and streamlines the milk frothing process.    

Who's the Bodum for?

The Bodum is perfect for the person looking for a very cheap milk frother. Or for the person who prefers heating up milk themselves on their stove or microwave before frothing up milk themselves.

Milk Frother Buying Guide

Now that we've come to the end of our milk frother reviews hopefully you've found a milk frother that will meet your needs. If you still need some help deciding below we have written a milk frother buying guide that covers everything you need to know about milk frothers.

In this guide we will cover the following topics:

1. Types of milk frothers
2. Features to look out for
3. Frequently asked questions

Types of milk frothers 

There are two types of milk frothers to choose from - jug and handheld milk frothers. The differences between the two are quite straight forward.

Handheld milk frothers

Handheld milk frothers are simply motorised whisks that create foam by whisking milk at high speeds. You hover the frother under the surface of your milk and watch the machine do the work. The vast majority are battery powered and very affordable.

The downside of handheld milk frothers is that they don't heat up the milk for you. So you will need to first heat up your milk in your microwave or stove before frothing it up.

Jug milk frothers

Jug frothers on the other hand heat and froth your milk at the same time. This streamlines the frothing process as the machine does the whole job for you. They do this by using induction heating to heat up the milk while a frothing disk spins at high speeds to create your foam. In our opinion jug frothers are superior to handheld frothers as they do both jobs at once and they are not that much more expensive.

Features to look out for

Regardless of what milk frother you decide to buy, below are important features to look out for and compare.


How much foam does the frother make at a time? Most milk frothers are designed to make enough foam for one cup of coffee. However there are larger options like the Breville that allow you to make up to 3 cups of foam. Make sure you get a frother that will meet your needs. 

Temperature control

Is temperature control important to you? Then you need to get a frother that allows you to control the temperature of your milk. Most milk frothers are designed to go up to a pre-set temperature. More premium brands allow you to control the temperature.

Clean up

Is the milk frother easy to clean? Most milk frothers satisfy this requirement as you simply need to rinse them under your tap (for a deeper clean you can use hot water from your kettle). However not all are dishwasher safe. If you want a dishwasher safe milk frother make sure this is possible before you buy. 

Foam control

Some people like very frothy cappuccino foam while others like smooth latte foam. Certain milk frothers come with interchangeable frothing disks that change the amount of foam the frother makes. Make sure to check if you can control the level of foam your frother makes before buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions people ask about milk frothers. If you have anything you need answered please reach out and we will add it to the list.   

What are milk frothers?

Milk frothers are tools used to create milk foam. There are two types: jug and handheld. Jug frothers heat the milk while creating foam, while handheld just froth the milk. 

Why do I need a milk frother?

You need a milk frother if you want to froth milk without using a coffee machine. They are very affordable alternatives to expensive steam wand coffee makers.

What can you do with a milk frother?

You can froth milk or any other fatty liquid with a milk frother. They are perfect for making coffee foam and hot chocolate.